How To Achieve Hypnosis Lucid Dreaming

Dreams carry us into magical realms where spiritual entities that we may have known in the past communicate with us. Other individuals whom we may meet on our dream journeys include guardian angels, ancestors, allies from other worlds such as the animal kingdom, and so on. We also receive responses to petitions we have presented and answers to oracles that we have requested.

There are many ways to trigger amazing, eye-opening, helpful experiences that replenish our psychic abilities. Every human being is said to have around five dreams every night.

We can use botanical to enhance the quality of our dreaming, to help us remember our dreams and to produce the dreams we want to see happen. The dreams, of which we are aware that we are indeed dreaming, are termed lucid dreams.

Essentially, lucid dreaming is a skill which some people have developed which allows them to actually be aware of the fact that they’re dreaming, and that things which appeared to be happening, are not. Furthermore, people who experience lucid dreams tend to have the ability to exercise a certain amount of control over a lucid dream.

Lucid dreaming hypnosis has the power to control the direction of your dream which is an element of your metaphysical existence. You will notice that all the limitations of reality seem to swiftly cease to exist.

How do we plan our dreams and influence our mind into achieving the dreams we wish for? Hypnosis is one way. This method of creating lucid dreams is called lucid dreaming hypnosis. Using lucid dreaming hypnosis method, we can enjoy our private dreams that we have created beforehand. We can replenish our psychic abilities and strengthen our personal power. We can also overcome some of our deepest phobias in life.

Dream spells can help to induce lucid dreaming hypnosis. Here is a spell you can do to stimulate a particular, new course of dreaming:

1. Get 20 drops of mugwort flower essence remedy (Do not mistake this for essential mugwort oil).

2. Prepare a nice, warm bath just before turning in for the night. Add the 20 drops of mugwort into the water. Sit in the bath and visualize the dream that you desire to have.

One of the ways in which you can induce lucid dreams is actually to imagine that you are dreaming. (Make sure you are safely in bed before you do this).

Most of us have been falling into sleep when we are jolted by a start in which we feel like we are falling off a set of stairs or something similar. This is believed to the hypnotic state between sleep and wakefulness. At the point where you feel sleep taking over your body, keep repeating to yourself the words “I am dreaming, I am dreaming.” This is the one way to enter the dream state while you are awake and aware.

Lucid dreaming hypnosis can help you work through issues you may have with other people who may even be refusing to talk to you. We can also work through phobias or something that is making you unable to live life fully.


Lucid dreaming-a how to guide